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Facebook Детейлинг link Instagram Автостудия Глянец Our longest experience we have is in the small wind area. As we have manufactured our own 1 KW down wind turbine that was started 15 years ago to our current Vertical
axis turbines. We pride ourselves on ability to manufacture almost every components required in turbines up to 30 KW.

**Blade refurb/repair – Equipment and tools allow us to repair any damaged blades that are removed from the turbine. We are able to handle in the range up to 20 ft long and up to 1500 Lbs in wood, fibreglass and composite materials. In the case of prototypes we manufacture the complete blade.
Towers– The tilt up tower of sectional tubing continues to be a favourite for most customers. We manufacture the units based on the Engineering requirements for your site and
turbine project. For larger turbines the flanged tower sections are preferred and in house tooling to manufacture these is available.

**ServiceWind turbines do require annual inspections and periodic maintenance.
This service consists of review of all structural bolting and guy cable systems on the ground, the inspection of anchor systems or concrete foundations for deterioration.
Emergency and scheduled repair services for Bearing and electrical repairs are performed in the field with our service truck fleet.
One large part of our service dept is the Battery services – we do cell changes and repair. This will be done on site as it may permit or return to shop if larger extraction and restoration is required.
Our continual push to include large utility size turbine service to our competencies is happening now. Oil changes for the Gearboxes and
Hydraulic system has been identified as a starting point since drum handling equipment is part of our equipment. Hydraulic rebuilding of Valves, Cylinders and pumps are performed in house and is part of all renewable energy systems as it crosses over into all sectors.

**Manufacturing – As the focus is to continue to design and manufacture our own Turbines the competencies of prototype to production run can be performed at FEI.  We have fully equipped machine shops, grinding shops, wood working shop and a generator manufacturing facility.
This is all complemented with more than 10 work stations consisting of Assembly stations, Electrical testing stations and Quality inspections areas and is all under ISO 9000 compliant environment.  We continue to manufacture our own components for FEI machines and for Competitive models repair img_3176parts.  Focus on contract turbine component or whole goods manufacturing will continue to be pushed to keep our price structure competitive.
All our products represented meet the Ontario content requirements of the Green Energy Act.

**Supply– Our current inventory of stock allows us to maintain customers up time of their equipment to meet and exceed their expectations.  FEI is a Firetrace Distributor ( for the asset protection of all your electronic equipment from Chargers to Inverters and Braking Systems. We have a full line of Filtration products for Oil, Air and HVAC. Our supply network of Inverters, Chargers, Batteries and protection devices will complete any of yourmarch-2010-nfldsarnia-247 projects you may present.

**Electrical– We design and build panel boxes and control systems for many renewable projects.  Our licensed Electricians and Electronics Techs will make sure only qualified components are used or exchanged.  Basic inverter service is done at FEI and a strategic alliance with a local Inverter march-2010-nfldsarnia-242service center has been made. We will chose to repair and not use the exchange mentality of these expensive components.  A temporary exchange system is available on request till repair is complete or disposition is made.